The shock of all around or the fear or fascination, left the obsession just like the winds, as well as the incidents of moving. These are making me more scattered. Seems like the logic also became unreasonable at the time. The heart runs like a particle and runs on one truth to another and faces illusion. When dense fog covers the sun, that sun can’t be a lie as well as it is not possible to tell the fog as untrue. The nature has spread the mystery of cobweb. The paper plane flies as BOEING 707 or Fat man or Little boy! Destruction or humanity both are in our hand. Maybe people would put barbed wire over the skies if they could! Now a day’s people are refuges! They are in earth yet nowhere to go! What a heck! Who are alien then? These are all too confusing. Whereas have to live in this distraction and to focus on living.
Distracted yet focused on living!


With the ambition to become an artist, Showkot is doing his masters degree on painting at Faculty of fine art, University of Dhaka. Much of his time except class is spent travelling around the country looking for inspiration for his painting subjects. The many fountains, glens and isles of the beautiful country are amongst his favorite subject matter for his intense atmospheric and impressionistic oils. Human figures are his favorite subject to paint with dramatic taste of chiaroscuro. Applying sfumato in his paintings is his new challenge nowadays.

Usually he loves to paint nature through impressionism or post-impressionism & figures or portraits through hyper realism. Showkot uses vivid colors in a vigorous application to represent the dramatic light conditions in his paintings. Color use often becomes an entirely emotional response to the subject while values can remain representational. The love he has for his native countryside is portrayed in his work through an ebullient energy with which he handles the color with palette knife and brush. His quote goes alike that Painting is breathing to him! Indeed a soul to paint the times through colors on canvas!