A journey to heaven

It was quiet a beautiful day, I was an invited guest of a publisher called “Bhumi Prokash”.

Love for hosts!

This is such an honor

Weather was beautiful indeed, rainy gloomy and stunny!

I’ve enjoyed my painting time!


and this is my first blog post also!

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Artist Showkot Shawon

Live painting

Painting in woods


A work in progress

It’s been a long day of painting. Covered the canvas with pigment, still long way to go. Needed the weather in fortune.

Hope to finish it soon, if sun shines quiet good!


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Artist Showkot Shawon

Every day is a new experiment of life!

While portrait model looks alike that to a painting in progress, it feels so good!

these emotions enable me to keep going


Showkot Shawon


Faculty of Fine art, University of Dhaka.